WP2: Mindful Design Framework – Year 3

Semi-annual update 5 – September 2018

Between March and August 2018, mindfulness thinking has continued to provide the backbone for the design concept development as well as the co-creation process with people with dementia through Public and Patient Involvement (PPI) groups.

The design concept development has been guided by mindfulness values developed in our first paper for WP2 (under revision), including empowerment and wellbeing, as well as mechanisms of mindfulness, such as awareness and attentiveness, reflection, choice and decision making opportunities and processes.

These values have guided our designers’ thinking during the five design secondments: in March 2018 in the UK and in Barcelona, In May 2018 in the UK, in June 2018 in Germany and in July 2018 in Luxembourg.

They have informed and provided guidance for developing the two selected design solutions, the Good Life Kit and the Social Engagement Map. Consequently mindfulness thinking and practices are embedded in the three parts of the Good Life Kit, including reflective game-based activities as well as mindfulness exercises to promote positive thinking, subjective wellbeing and empowerment in social contexts.

These values have also guided our evaluation sessions through appreciating the participants’ expert status, offering ways to empower them. Five PPI sessions with people with dementia were conducted in the UK and Spain. In the sessions, designers presented design concepts and prototypes, inviting participants to provide feedback as well as give suggestions for improvements regarding content and usability.

A further paper on the specific mindfulness values and criteria used in the design and co-design process of the MinD project is in preparation.