WP4 Year 3: design realisation

Semi-annual update 5 – September 2018

During the five secondments, March to October 2018, the MinD team has worked on the development and realisation of the two design concepts, the Good Life Kit (WP4) and the Social Engagement Map (WP5).

WP4: Good Life Kit

The Good Life Kit aims to support people with dementia after diagnosis through offering mindful-reflective exercises and information. The diagnosis is usually perceived as a life-changing event, even though the person today is not different from yesterday. The design responds to feelings of uncertainty and depression by people with dementia following their diagnosis and the need to be respected and stay in control of their life.

The GLK seeks to support the person with dementia and their loved ones through providing tools to help take a positive attitude to reflecting on, managing and envisaging their life as well as managing making decisions, relationships and support. The Good Life Kit includes three parts: ‘This is Me’, which allows reminiscing and thinking about the future in a convivial way. ‘Living the Life’, which contains advice and mindful exercises to help with a positive to daily life. ‘You and Me’, which seeks to help people with dementia retain their agency in helping to identify their support network and tasks to be done, and to manage decisions to be made to facilitate the changes in their lives.

The different parts of the GLK were developed throughout the five secondments in an iterative process and were presented to people with dementia in the UK and Spain to explore them hands on to provide feedback on as well as input into the designs to ensure that they are developing in a suitable and relevant way.