WP5 Year 3: design realisation

Semi-annual update 5 – September 2018

During the five secondments, March to October 2018, the MinD team has worked on the development and realisation of the two design concepts, the Good Life Kit (WP4) and the Social Engagement Map (WP5).

WP5: Social Engagement Map (SEM)

The Social Engagement Map aims to provide people with dementia with social contact, initiatives and emotional and practical support to stay active and socially engaged to be able to enjoy the environment. The design responds to the need for people to stay active and socially engaged. Rather than changing the environment, the design seeks to enable people with dementia to keep engaging with their environment in the widest sense. The SEM comprises a user-friendly platform to empower people with dementia by helping to stay socially connected, and to plan and prepare for going out to aid confidence.

The different aspects of the SEM were developed throughout the five secondments in an iterative process and were presented to people with dementia in the UK to explore them hands on to provide feedback on as well as input into the designs to ensure that they are developing in a suitable and relevant way.