WP8 Update Year 2

Semi-annual update – September 2017

The MinD project has made excellent progress in the first year which is also reflected in progress concerning WP8 – dissemination, sustainability and outreach

The 2nd MinD symposium took place in the Netherlands on July 6th at MinD partner Panton (organized by Panton and University of Twente). The event attracted 20 participants, who were researchers, healthcare professionals and designers. The symposium was divided in two parts; speakers and workshop. The speakers were prof. Kristina Niedderer (introducing the MinD project) and prof. Tischa van der Cammen (Delft University of Technology) talking about autonomous aging.

The second half of the symposium was led by Ingeborg Griffioen (Panton) and involved active participation of the visitors, who worked with the personas and transition areas that have been developed during the project. The event was altogether very successful and has generated interesting new contacts for the project partners. Presentations and results of the symposium have been uploaded on the project website.

In March, partner QUT also organised and hosted a symposium on ‘design for Dementia’ in Brisbane, which was attended by 180 delegates from academia as well as healthcare and design/architecture professionals, and where prof. Kristina Niedderer presented for the MinD project.

Throughout March to September 2017, work on the scientific publications (journal and conference papers) has continued. This has led to a conference publication for the IASDR conference on ‘Designing with and for people with dementia’, and submission to a relevant journal of a theoretical paper reviewing approaches to mindfulness (specifically with relation to dementia) (WP2). Further work has been done on several other papers (three journal papers in WP3, one conference paper in and two journal papers in WP3/4/5 and one journal paper in WP5) that are expected to be submitted in the next half year until spring 2018.

The MinD newsletter is sent out periodically on the MinD public discussion list and the news of the MinD project are also being published through the Alzheimer Europe’s the monthly newsletter. During the secondment in May 2017 in Luxembourg, the MinD team joined the Alzheimer Europe working group for a day-long interactive session that allowed for informing the working group about the MinD project and for expert (lived-experience) feedback on the first ideas.

The project website is being updated regularly with project information and updates related to the exchanges. The amount of followers on Twitter has again increased and the MinD account now has 302 followers.

During the management meeting that took place during the Barcelona secondment in September, the partners discussed opportunities to advance the ideas within the project and to extend the partnership. All partners present showed interest and a next management meeting will pick up on the interest expressed.


Niedderer, K., Tournier, I., Colesten-Shields, D., Craven, M., Gosling, J., Garde, J.A., Bosse, M., Salter, B., Griffioen, I. (2017) Designing with and for People with Dementia: Developing a Mindful Interdisciplinary Co-Design Methodology. In:Proceedings of the IASDR international Conference 2017, Cincinnati, USA, 31October-3 November 2017. – Accepted (file will be uploaded at the website following the conference in November).