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1st MinD Symposium 2016. Presentation notes.

Academic publications

Tournier I, Ferring D, Almeida R, Blackler T, Casaldaliga P, Cid BT, Coleston-Shields D, Craven M, Dening T, Escobar G, Griffioen I, Gove D, Holthoff-Detto V, Lebis E, Ludden G, Notenboom E, Poppovich V, Wölfel C, Zanazi M, Niedderer K. (2016) The MinD European project: The development of a mindful design to improve self-empowerment and social engagement in people with dementia, 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Excellence in dementia research and care”, 31 October-2 November 2016, Copenhagen. Poster.