MinD publications

Events publications

MinD Workshop on “Soft Evaluations”, 19 October  2017. Presentation and workshop notes.

2nd MinD Symposium, 6 July  2017. Presentation and workshop notes.

1st MinD Symposium, 7 December 2016. Presentation and workshop notes.

Academic publications

Tournier, I. & Ferring, D. (2017). How the mindfulness concept could benefit the caregiving of older adults? International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) congress, San Francisco, July 23-27. Poster.

Niedderer, K., Tournier, I., Colesten-Shields, D., Craven, M., Gosling, J., Garde, J.A., Bosse, M., Salter, B., Griffioen, I. (2017) Designing with and for People with Dementia: Developing a Mindful Interdisciplinary Co-Design Methodology. In: Proceedings of the IASDR international Conference 2017, Cincinnati, USA, 31October-3 November 2017. doi:10.7945/C2G67F Proceedings

Tournier I, Ferring D, Almeida R, Blackler T, Casaldaliga P, Cid BT, Coleston-Shields D, Craven M, Dening T, Escobar G, Griffioen I, Gove D, Holthoff-Detto V, Lebis E, Ludden G, Notenboom E, Poppovich V, Wölfel C, Zanazi M, Niedderer K. (2016) The MinD European project: The development of a mindful design to improve self-empowerment and social engagement in people with dementia, 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Excellence in dementia research and care”, 31 October-2 November 2016, Copenhagen. Poster.

Almeida, R., Niedderer, K., et al. (2017). Design for the “here and now”: New co-creation approaches for innovation in health and care, involving older adults with cognitive impairment. Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Forum 2017, 2-4 October, Coimbra, Portugal. Poster and Flyer

Garde, J.A., Voort, M.C.v.d., Niedderer, K. (2018). Design Probes for people with dementia. Proceedings of DRS 2018 International Conference: Catalyst, 6, pp. 2607-2621. Proceedings.