MinD publications

Events publications

MinD Workshop on “Soft Evaluations”, 19 October  2017. Presentation and workshop notes.

2nd MinD Symposium, 6 July  2017. Presentation and workshop notes.

1st MinD Symposium, 7 December 2016. Presentation and workshop notes.

Academic publications

Tournier, I. & Ferring, D. (2017). How the mindfulness concept could benefit the caregiving of older adults? International Association of Gerontology and Geriatrics (IAGG) congress, San Francisco, July 23-27. Poster.

Niedderer, K., Tournier, I., Colesten-Shields, D., Craven, M., Gosling, J., Garde, J.A., Bosse, M., Salter, B., Griffioen, I. (2017) Designing with and for People with Dementia: Developing a Mindful Interdisciplinary Co-Design Methodology. In: Proceedings of the IASDR international Conference 2017, Cincinnati, USA, 31October-3 November 2017. doi:10.7945/C2G67F Proceedings

Tournier I, Ferring D, Almeida R, Blackler T, Casaldaliga P, Cid BT, Coleston-Shields D, Craven M, Dening T, Escobar G, Griffioen I, Gove D, Holthoff-Detto V, Lebis E, Ludden G, Notenboom E, Poppovich V, Wölfel C, Zanazi M, Niedderer K. (2016) The MinD European project: The development of a mindful design to improve self-empowerment and social engagement in people with dementia, 26th Alzheimer Europe Conference “Excellence in dementia research and care”, 31 October-2 November 2016, Copenhagen. Poster.

Almeida, R., Niedderer, K., et al. (2017). Design for the “here and now”: New co-creation approaches for innovation in health and care, involving older adults with cognitive impairment. Active and Assisted Living (AAL) Forum 2017, 2-4 October, Coimbra, Portugal. Poster and Flyer

Garde, J.A., Voort, M.C.v.d., Niedderer, K. (2018). Design Probes for people with dementia. Proceedings of DRS 2018 International Conference: Catalyst, 6, pp. 2607-2621. Proceedings.

Chadborn, N. H., Birt, L., Bosco, A., Brewster, C., Coleston-Shields, D., Craven, M., Claudio Di Lorito, C., Gosling J., Stanyon, M., Yates J. (2018) Researching together with members of the Centre for Dementia PPI group. International Perspectives on Evaluation of PPI in Research, Newcastle, 15th November 2018. (Poster)