MinD Designs

MinD has developed a number of new design products with and for people living with dementia to support people with mindful self-empowerment and social engagement. They aim to help people to be more confident in managing everyday and social life.

These are the designs we have developed, and you can access them, or information about them, from the links below.

Living the Life

The Living the Life mindful reflective booklet has been designed to help approach everyday life a little calmer and more confidently. Explore

This is Me

The This is Me life story telling board game allows you to explore your life and others’. It offers exploration of past experiences, current feelings as well as future wants and wishes in a convivial and equitable setting.  Read more.

You and Me

The You and Me discussion tool recognises the different views of people living with dementia and of their carers. It offers mindful and reflective ways of discussing their views and planning for changes in life. Read more.

Let’s Meet Up!

The Let’s Meet Up! hybrid electronic platform allows people with dementia to stay in charge of their social contacts and activities by providing an easy to use way of connecting and planning their social activities. Read more.