Training and Skills

Staff exchange and training is key to the MinD project. Co-ordination works in two ‘axes’: interdisciplinary – between design, health, ICT; inter-sectoral – between academic and non-academic partners. Bringing together staff from different areas and with different approaches on this important topic will be a key aspect and catalyst for the proposed research innovation.

Exchanges are being designed to maximise interdisciplinary and inter-sectoral interaction. Each country within the consortium (apart from Australia) is represented by an academic and a non-academic partner. By scheduling visits to academic and non-academic partners during the same period, we facilitate exchange between the two sectors as well as interaction between interdisciplinary expertise of design, health care and ICT participants.

During exchanges, participants give and attend workshops and lectures, visit examples of best practice in the host country, and have focused time to work on research and project outputs with their hosts and colleagues from other partners.

A symposium will be hosted each year in a different country of the consortium, tying in with a local exchange to maximise the possibility of attendance by members of the consortium.