People are the most important element in making this work happen. The following staff are participating in the project: 

Name Expertise
University of Wolverhampton
Kristina Niedderer  Niedderer Niedderer is a research leader in her field with expertise in the impact of design on human social interaction, mindful design and behaviour change.
Aleksandra Galasinska  Galasinska Expertise in the relationship between language/discourse/ and society and social identities
Kathryn Powell  Placeholder PhD student, wearables
Dew Harrison   Digital and new media, consciousness studies
Alison Carminke  A Carminke Academic Enterprise Manager with experience in EU project management
Tina Smith  Smith Biomechanics of activities of daily living in pathological populations
Jennifer Lim  Placeholder Decision and behavioural science in public health
Christopher Dennett  dennett Mobile Communications (wireless sensor networks and context aware computing)
Jeffrey Ting  dennett IT Security, Distributed Computing and Context-based Mobile Learning Systems.
Hiran Patel  dennett Mobile Communications (wireless sensor networks and context aware computing)
Ben Salter  Salter Retention of personhood in people with dementia through textiles/fashion design.
University of Twente
Geke Ludden  Ludden Design for behaviour change in health & wellbeing: product-service systems for lifestyle change
Thomas van Rompay  van Rompay Cognitive psychology/design res: meaning attribution in environment. design on behavior
Mascha van der Voort Enschede - Portret van Mascha van der Voort voor het UT nieuws magazine. Hier in het Design Lab. Foto: Rikkert Harink RH20150121 Human factors, usability, scenario based & user-centered design with end-users
Julia Garde  Garde Healthcare design for industry & hospitals, scenario/serious games for particip. co-design
Armağan Karahanoğlu  Placeholder Healthcare design for industry & hospitals, scenario/serious games for particip. co-design
Queensland University of Technology
Thea Blackler  Blackler Intuitive interaction and user experience design, research methods for user testing
Vesna Popovic  Popovic Human-centred interaction res. and its integration with health & information technol.
Technische Universität Dresden
Jens Krzywinski  Krzywinski industrial design engineering, interdisci-plinary/human-centered design processes
Christian Wölfel  Woelfel design and evaluation of healthcare products/syst, design for demogr. change
Michaelle Bosse   PhD student
Sebastian Lorenz  TUD user-centered design, esp. professional interiors and products with body contact
Kathrin Büter  Kathrin Bueter research and design, dementia-friendly architecture
Lisa Lüneburg  Lisa Lüneburg research in industrial design and engineering
Diana Druschke   Organizational Psychology, Health Psychology
Panton Design
Jochem Wilson  Wilson Senior interaction designer
Ben Bokkers  Bokkers Industrial design engineer
Ingeborg Griffioen  Griffioen Owner, Panton Design
Pau Casaldàliga  Casaldaliga impact of architectural design on human comfort related with environmental factors
Gara Escobar  Escobar Architecture and impact of architectural design on human comfort related with environmental factors
Zuzana Prochazkova  Zuzana Prochazkova Architecture and impact of architectural design on human comfort related with environmental factors
Alzheimer Europe
Jean Georges  Georges Executive Director of Alzheimer Europe. Project co-ordination, managm & represent
Dianne Gove  Gove Director for Projects. Project co-ordination; qual. res with people with dementia; ethics
Ana Diaz  Diaz Project Officer. qualitative research involving people with dementia in research.
Alex Teligadas  Teligadas Director for Communication: Oversees com. activities, editor: Dementia in Europe
Christophe-Bintener  Bintener Project Officer supporting the communication of research activities
University of Luxembourg
Dieter Ferring  Ferring Caregiver relations and caregiver burden; subjective well-being; dependence in old age
Isabelle Tournier  Tournier Expertise in cognitive changes, adaptation and self-regulation during aging
Afsaneh Albrilahij Master in Psychology, evaluation & assessment, PhD student in Psychogerontology & Gerontechnology
Mathilde Lamotte    Postdoctoral Researcher in Gerontology and Psychology
Thomas Boll    Thomas Boll is Assistant Professor in Psychology and deputy programme director of the Master of Gerontology.
Zorggroep Sint Maarten
Ed Notenboom  Notenboom MD, geriatrician, MBA management; end-user perspective validation
Marja Wolswijk  Wolswijk MMI, manager nursing home
Loman  ZSM MD, geriatrician, specialist psycho-geriatric care
Berger  ZSM Psychologist, head of department of psychology
Nottinghamshire Healthcare NHS Foundation Trust
Tom Dening  Dening 20 years experience as consultant working with dementia and in dementia research.
Mike Craven  Craven Electronic engineering; healthcare technol. assessment; co-design of digital technol.
Dons Coleston-Shields  NHT logo Expertise in the neuropsychology of dementia, and clinical experience
Julie Gosling  Julie Expert with Lived Experience
Binta Jammeh  Binta Expert with Lived Experience
Alexianer St Hedwig Klinik Berlin
Vjera Holthoff-Detto  Alexianer Hedwig KHS MD, PhD, Gero-psychiatry, non-pharmacol. interventions in dementia, telemedicine, neurocognition
Michele Zanasi  Zanasi MD, resident in Psychiatry, expertise in Old Age Psychiatry
Berit Ziebuhr  alexianer_logo MD, resident in Old Age Psychiatry, doctoral candidate
Manuel Franco Martin  Franco Head of RDI INTRAS. Expert: Psychiatry, psychol, med. Outreach, end-user validation
De Vena  Intras logo PhD in Clinical and Health Psychology –clinical trials & data managem. Methodol.
Rosa Almeida  Almeida Cognitive modalities for software for Neuropsycholog. training & Rehabilitation
Teresa Cid Bartoleme  Cid Electronic and Digital Engineer, Head of INT Technology Development Department
Eva Galán  Intras logo Clinical Psychologist experienced in Psychosocial Rehabilitation with people with severe and prolonged mental illness (inc. Dementia and brain damage) and psychological support to carers and relatives.
Yolanda Bueno Aguado  Bueno Head of the Cognitive Intervention & Gradior Department. Expert: PhD Neuropsychologist, neuropsychological rehabilitation, psychosocial approaches, end-user validation.
Guillermo Benito Ruiz  ruiz Ph.D.  in research management and medical psychology. Expertise on psycho-social rehabilitation of severe mental illness. Studying how cognitive interventions influence the daily life, and conversely, how life conditions can affect cognitive aspects of people living with mental illness.
Irene González  Irene Gonzalez  Involved in design of projects and services. Areas of interest: Management of emotions and social psychology of organisations.
Raquel Losada   Psychologist and researcher since 2002, coordinates Dept of Research and Innovation Projects in the field of mental health, promotion of autonomy and disability.
Marcos Muñoz   Superior Technician in Telecommunication Systems.
Adriana Grau   Clinical Psychologist practised in psychosocial rehabilitation of people with cognitive impairment, dementia and brain injury. Also taking part in design of projects in the field of promotion of autonomy and quality of life.
Sandra García   Psychologist working in neuropsychological research and intervention, with experience in functional recovering and VR for physical and cognitive stimulation, supporting psychoeducational programs oriented to caregivers.
DU IT s.r.l.
Elena Bellini  Elena Bellini Co-founder – Research & Development
Alessia Macchi   Research & design consulting
Universitat politecnica de Catalunya
Andreu Catala Assistive  Technologies. Cognitive and Interactive Systems
Marta Diaz Boladeras Psychologist. Smart technology adoption by people with special needs
Alex Hogan BSc in Physics and 7 years experience in building Data science projects utilising Python and NSQL technologies combined when appropriate, with Cloud based tools for storing and analysing data.
Tom Barrington BSc in Mathematics and is a qualified Prince2 practitioner. Experience includes PHP web development and software robots deploying Python and NLP methods. Proficient with Laravel 5 and Vuejs frameworks.
Daniil Razdiakonov  Daniil Information technology, programming
Daniil Garayzuev  Daniil Information technology, programming
Manchester Metropolitan University
Kristina Niedderer  Niedderer Niedderer is a research leader in her field with expertise in the impact of design on human social interaction, mindful design and behaviour change.
Former participants
Evelyn Lebis  Eurecat logo Textile designer specializing in wearables and technology integration
Virginia Garcia Candel  Garcia Candel Manager of the Functional Textiles