Strategic Activities

The strategic activities of the MinD network include:

  1. Creating a network of experts in design and mental health/illness, dementia and neurodiverse conditions, care and prevention.
  2. Open dialogue, identify and share synergies with relevant projects and consortia to work on proposals and options for external funding for relevant ideas, projects and activities.
  3. Identify challenges in line with the MinD network mission through various means and stakeholders, including discussions with end-users, local action groups, companies etc.
  4. Facilitating joint research and professional development to advance knowledge, understanding and practices of design for mental health and dementia internationally.
  5. Developing and offering a regular training programme to promote mindful design strategies and practice.
  6. Developing policy and offering advice to policy makers, 3rd sector organisations, professional practitioners, etc. to facilitate implementation of these aims.
  7. Develop standards for design to support mental health and wellbeing.
  8. Dissemination and knowledge transfer of activities and results through academic and non-academic channels, including videos, toolkits, webinars, blog posts, social media to share relevant methodologies and best practice.
  9. Organising dedicated networking events, for example, small multi-stakeholder co-creation events; in-person and/or online networking events or conferences.
  10. Developing a plan for and establishing a dedicated MIND Network living lab eco-system (services and infrastructure) between network members.
  11. Developing a support network of sponsors.