Living the Life

‘Living the Life’ is about how you can look after yourself. It takes the form of a small reflective booklet (Living the Life), complemented by a card (A walk around myself) with a set of six simple mindfulness exercises to help with relaxation and reflection. The booklet and card together offer advice on nurturing a mindful attitude and positive emotions in everyday life to help deal with it constructively. The booklet has different sections relating to how to live well with memory problems, what is good for your health as well as for feeling good, and what you might ask other people for.

You can download the ‘Living the Life’ booklet by clicking on the buttons below. It is now available in English, Spanish and German language. You can look at the booklet online, or you can print it.

We hope you enjoy using ‘Living the Life. If you do so, it would be great to hear from you with some feedback via our contact page.

English booklet

Click into the card to start the arrow spinning, Click again to stop it to select an exercise at random. Click on the arrows in the top right hand corner to see the picture large. Click the sign with the two arrows in the menu bar to return to your normal screen.

Libra Espagnol

Haz click en la tarjeta para hacer que la flecha empiece a girar para seleccionar un ejercicio al azar. Vuelve a tocar en la tarjeta cuando quieras que la flecha deje de girar.

Deutsches Buch

Klicken Sie auf den Pfeil, um die Animation des Zeigers zu beginnen. Klicken Sie wieder, um ihn zu stoppen und eine der sechs Aufgaben ‘per Zufall’ auszuwählen. Klicken Sie auf den Doppelpfeil im Menü des Videos, um wieder zur Benutzeroberfläche zurückzukehren.