MinD Symposium 2018

3rd MinD Symposium, 20 November 2018

“Mindfulness applications in working with people affected by mental and neurological diseases”

Organized by INTRAS Foundation, Dr. Carlos Salgado and UEMC

Morning: Miguel de Cervantes European University, Valladolid

Register by sending an email to rra@intras.es

The symposium considers the use of design and mindfulness in the care of dementia, and analyses the experience of giving affected people and their relatives and caregivers a voice in the research. The MIND partners will present the project and its co-design process in the first 2.5 years of this 4-year initiative. The symposium will reflect on the participation of the public and the patient / user and the best joint design practices. Our special guests (regional representative – to be confirmed), Alessia Macchi, Julie Gosling, and Kristina Niedderer (project coordinator) will share their experience working with Groups of Experts by Experience in co-design from different points of view. The event will be summarized in the Symposium Report below.

Who is this event for? Professionals who work in the social and health sector; End users; Policy makers; Researchers; Designers

Time Description
10:00 Welcome
10:15 – 12:00 The BeMindful Project

(Henar Conde/ Daria Smolyanska) BeMindful Project: mindfulness training for social services and health professionals.

(Dr. Carlos Salgado) Mindfulness as a tool to help people who suffer. Sample of practical mindfulness exercises for attendees.

12:00 – 14:00 MIND project, designing together for well-being, empowerment and social engagement

(Rosa Almeida/ Raquel Losada/ Michele Zanasi) MIND, designing for well-being
(Kristina Niedderer – project coordinator) The Mindful Design Framework
(to be confirmed) Current best practices in co-participation with the users
(Alessia Macchi) What is co-design?
(Julie Gosling & Binta Jammeh) ‘Let Us In – We’re Co-Creators!; a partnership journey from start to finish.’

During the symposium, the different practical applications of mindfulness will be presented in the context of design and the provision of social and health services. We will focus, on the one hand, on the professional therapeutic use of mindfulness in the framework of caring for people with mental discomfort. On the other hand, we will present the practical applications of mindfulness in the design of services for users with dementia. We will analyse the experience of giving a voice in the research to the affected people and their caregivers.

Giving voice to people with dementia and their caregivers through mindful design

Tapas and talk, with a touch of creativity! 

Organized by Fundación INTRAS

Venue: INTRAS Headquarters (Parquesol, Valladolid)

In the afternoon we invite the participants of the Group of Experts by Experience and other interested parties to join a creative meal in which participants can experiment a technology health circuit and participate in a discussion to address their personal experiences with co-design activities and launch ideas and recommendations that help to foster this spirit of collaboration.

Time Description
15:00 – 16:30 Tapas space with Catering Zetallons and
Access to circuit of technologies for wellbeing.
16:30 – 18:30 Talking about experiences in co-design, opportunities and recommendations to encourage such activities.

Symposium Report

Will be available here after the event.