Knowledge Transfer and Outreach Activities

This multidisciplinary project brings together knowledge from design, ICT, dementia care and social and behavioural psychology. It involves two ‘axes’ of expertise and knowledge transfer:

  1. Interdisciplinary knowledge across both academic and non-academic sectors, including:
    • Design: unique expertise in:
      • mindful design
      • product design – wearable design, jewellery, fashion/textiles
      • design of affective environments
      • design for health
      • user experience design, and
      • co-design/user-centered design.
    • ICT: leading expertise in sensor technology/intelligent sensor networks, including printed sensor technologies and adaptation of technologies for the health sector, in particular dementia.
    • Dementia care and psychology:
      • key academic and professional expertise in dementia care, social, behavioural and clinical psychology (incl. mindfulness); and
      • dementia care policy through Alzheimer Europe, the leading non-academic sector organisation representing people with dementia and carers within Europe;
  2. Inter-sectoral knowledge: including academic and non-academic, theoretical and applied knowledge in the above areas.

Knowledge transfer activities will consist of: co-production of research to understand different traditions of research and professional practice, targeted workshops for subject specific knowledge transfer activities, focus groups to facilitate discussion, gain input and broaden established perspectives, and symposia to share work results and key questions of research.

As the project enfolds, staff will communicate the excitement and significance of their research to a variety of different interest groups, ranging from the general public (from young children to senior citizens) to governmental bodies, by a variety of means, including public lectures, news articles, articles in relevant magazines related to design and to dementia, radio/TV discussions and presentations, and hands-on-demonstrations at science fairs. Many partners within the network have long established reputations for delivering excellent outreach activities. In particular, this is one of the key objectives of Alzheimer Europe who have a dedicated outreach programme that will be available to the consortium.

Members of the consortium based in your country can provide a range of outreach activities such as expert lectures, evening lectures, visits to care organisations and public demonstrations. If you would be interested in these activities, please contact us.