WP6 Year 4: evaluation

Semi-annual update: March – August 2019

Implementation and evaluation of the Good Life Kit has made steady progress through this period, with evaluations taking place in Germany, Netherlands, Spain and UK. Different approaches were taken in the centres, including both individual and group sessions. For example, the secondment to Valladolid, in February-March, included work with the local user group (Grupo de Expertos por Experencia).

Work on analysing the data from GLK evaluation sessions has continued at recent secondments, e.g. Luxembourg in May and Netherlands in July.

The deliverable Design Guidelines report was submitted on schedule during the Luxembourg secondment, though it was agreed that further work needed to be done to satisfy all partners before the report is widely disseminated. It was also agreed that sign-off would need to take place through the MinD management group, as otherwise there could be problems with different versions going into circulation.

A paper using material from the design guidelines report and focusing on the AIR model (Activities, Internal world, Relationships) will be presented at the MinD conference in Dresden in September.

Co-creation and co-production have remained central to WP6, as evidenced by the title of the design guidelines “With and for People with Dementia”, and also a workshop on Co-design led by people with lived experience will be held at the MinD conference.