MinD Tools

MinD has developed a number of new processes and tools to aid the design research process and include people living with dementia in actively in the research process and give them a voice, MinD has further developed four novel design products to support people living with dementia with mindful self-empowerment and social engagement.

From these pages, you can access the following guidelines, tools and products (or product information):

Design Guidelines and Recommendations

Mindful co-design guidelines to promote the involvement of people with dementia in research and development. Read.

Recommendations for policy providers, funders, designers, design researchers and educators, dementia (care) organisations,  design regulators, and others. Read.

Design Products

Living the Life mindful reflective booklet, to help approach everyday live a little calmer and more confidently. Explore.

This is Me life story board game to explore your life and others’, your past experiences as well as current feelings and future wants and wishes, in a convivial and equitable setting. (More information coming soon).

You and Me interactive dialogue and decision-making tool to support people with dementia and their carers in talking about changes in their lives and with decision-making. (More information coming soon).

Let’s Meet Up!, a digital platform to support people with dementia to arrange their social interaction with chosen family or friends to stay. (More information coming soon).

Design & Research Tools

Visual Cards to support interviews and focus group work with people with dementia. Explore.

Visual Diaries to enable people with dementia to say more about their lives, values and experiences, and provide visual information for designers. Explore.

Persona Toolkit to help designers understand and empathise with people with dementia in the design process. (Coming soon).