WP2: Mindful Design Framework


The objective of WP2 is to develop a mindful design approach to empower people with dementia to engage socially. This will include developing:

O2.1: Establish a mindful design framework for application in social contexts, both in care settings and everyday living situations for people with dementia, their carers, and care staff;

O2.2: Establish a mindful co-design methodology for use with people with dementia & carers;

O2.3: Establish analytical/interpretive models for relating user responses and design interventions;

O2.4: Identify personal and environmental design solutions to support people with dementia in their everyday social engagement.

Description of Work

WP2 will provide the theoretical framework that guides and underpins the project work and its associated WPs (WP3-6). The work will be led by UW (Niedderer, Nicholls) with participation of all project partners to facilitate a coherent conceptual and practical project approach.

Task 2.1: Theoretical and conceptual development of mindful design framework for application with people with dementia and carers in everyday social engagement situations. Development based on theories of mindfulness, mindful design, and dementia care and policy (cf. 2.1).

Task 2.2: Synthesis of mindful co-design methodology for working with all participants from existing mindful care and co-design approaches, which will underpin and guide participant observations, the development of novel mindful design solutions, and their implementation.

Task 2.3: Establish analytical and interpretive model(s) for relating user responses and design interventions through conceptual and interpretive analysis methods.

Task 2.4: Develop personal and environmental mindful design concepts and proposals in response to situations and issues identified in WP3, using the mindful co-design methodology (2.2) combined with established ideation methods to support social engagement.