The MinD project has brought together internationally recognized leaders from 18 organisations in 8 countries to share and exploit their diverse knowledge, expertise and skills across design and dementia care. The goal was to share, advance and disseminate new knowledge of designing with and for people with dementia to improve their quality of life and dementia care more broadly.  Insights are made available for use by other researchers, policy providers, care professionals and end-users in academic, non-academic and professional environments to enhance and strengthen European design research as well as EU-based healthcare.

Strategic Objectives

  • To promote an interdisciplinary, collaborative design approach and excellence through inter-disciplinary exchange, training and skills development between design and health (WP7);
  • To disseminate the results of, and promote interdisciplinary design and health collaboration for the benefit of cutting edge person-centred dementia care (WP8).
  • Collaboratively to manage the project to enable and report on the appropriate and timely progression and delivery of all its objectives, WPs and deliverables (WP1).