WP1: Management – Year 3

Semi-annual update 5 – March 2018 – August 2018


A third amendment was started in June 2018, to cover the accession of one new beneficiary and one new partner to the consortium from 1 September 2018.

Academic beneficiary: Manchester Metropolitan University, UK

Prof. Kristina Niedderer will move to MMU from 1 November 2018, so adding MMU as a partner will allow Prof. Niedderer to continue scientific oversight of the project throughout, as well as bringing in MMU’s design expertise and further widening the reach of the project in the UK.

Academic partner (Third Country): ITMO University, Russia

Has expertise in app and software development, which will benefit the consortium and the final prototypes to be produced. Project participation will provide them a great opportunity to collaborate with design beneficiaries and to help with the design development and application.

Management meetings

Management meetings took place as follows:

  • Nottingham, Thursday 17 May (secondments, final conference planning)
  • Luxembourg, Friday 29 June 2018 (secondments, final conference planning, sustainability)


Members of the consortium submitted a proposal to JNPD, successfully passing Stage 1 and submitting further information to Stage 2. The consortium is looking at ways that some of the suggested prototypes not being developed through MinD can be produced through other sources.

Periodic Report

The project halfway point was March 2018, and the consortium submitted a full periodic report in June 2018, with details of secondments undertaken and successful outcomes of the first half of the project. Highlights included the successful completion of WP3, data collection, and the selection of the two prototypes which will be developed in the second half of the project.