WP1: Management – Year 1

Semi-annual update 1 – September 2016

The management of MinD is organised through the management team and the co-ordinator. Regular management meetings are being held coinciding with the secondments. Formal management meetings are being held every quarter, with all management representatives joining either in person or via Skype, and which are used to discuss all organisational In between, team meetings are being held at each secondment to review the progress of the meeting, which is documented in each secondment report.

A responsibility of the management WP has been the setting up of the web-platform, with an external site (the one you are reading this on) and an intranet for MinD staff to share reports, presentation notes and other research documentations of various kinds. This has been completed, and is continuously populated with regular news items, blog posts, half-yearly updates on the scientific and organisational work on the work packages as well as with links to useful resources. There is also a link to the MinD discussion list to facilitate public debate, and on which MinD publishes its regular newsletter.

Semi-annual update 2 – February 2017

In the first year, in addition to setting up the web-platform, key aspects of the project management included:

  • Dealing with ethics permissions and data protection for the data collection with people with dementia and their carers in WP3;
  • Ensuring the completion of mile stones and deliverables;
  • Managing the project finances and distribution;
  • Dealing with any partner issues regarding the delivery of the project;
  • Keeping up-to-date with the reporting.

In this way the management of the project guarantees its timely progression and completion of project outcomes, the smooth collaboration of all partners in the project, and the compliance with all legal and ethical issues.