September 2017: The MinD project works with partners in Barcelona and consults with healthcare experts

For Visit 17, the main design phase of the project continues. MinD colleagues met at Eurecat, Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya and Pich Architects offices in Barcelona. The design team worked on the development of design proposals in response to the three (originally four) remaining ‘transition areas’: Coming to terms with emotions; Maintaining social participation; Negotiation … [Read more…]

MinD Design Development in Germany, September 2017

For Visit 16, the main design phase of the project, MinD colleagues met at the Alexianer Hospital in Berlin and at TU Dresden. The guest researchers and various hosting colleagues worked together on the development of design proposals in response to three ‘transition areas’ – areas where people with dementia and their carers are most … [Read more…]

MinD Design visit in Barcelona – June 2017

Participants from University of Wolverhampton (UK), University of Twente (NL), University of Dresden (GER), and Panton design agency (NL) were hosted by Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya (UPC) and PICH architects, both Barcelona-based. During this visit, the team worked (together with our hosts) on developing mindful design topics and concepts based on the design themes developed … [Read more…]